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Deb-o-Matic updates

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I recently invested some time to work on several cool features in Deb-o-Matic.
I plan to release 0.9 version soon, so I wanted something new for its users 😉

I merged some patches by Alessio Treglia, who implemented a couple of nice things:

  • Mailer support, to send build status notifications to the uploader
  • Blacklist support, to temporarily limit builds for a given distribution

Then, I worked on some changes I really wanted to have:

  • Rebuild support, to redo build of a package already in distribution archive
  • Improved lock system, to avoid random build hangs which affect older code
  • Fix pyinotify loop, which prevented Deb-o-Matic to quit in interactive mode

Now that the big part of the planned features is committed, I am going to test them to spot major issues, and add some minor improvements to have a shiny release 🙂

Last but not least, your help is appreciated to complete translations! There are really a few strings to process, and several languages are already half-completed, so if you can spend five minutes (or even less!), I will be grateful 😉


Written by Luca Falavigna

06/10/2010 at 11:43