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Stats, more stats and, guess what? Even more stats!

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We all love stats, don’t we? So, here we go!

Let’s start with a graph:

NEW graph

It shows the number of packages in the NEW queue since last year. You can see a big drop during April 2011, and a reasonably low rate during the last six months. You could think fellow Debian Developers stopped to upload NEW packages. Sorry, you’re wrong! 🙂

Since Squeeze release, 3.832 .changes files with NEW components were processed by dak, with an average of 14,85 NEW packages per day. On the FTP Team side, we had 3.732 accepts (14,47 per day), 339 rejects (1,31 per day) and 178 comments to maintainers (0,69 per day).

Who were the most prolific maintainers who got a NEW processing? Here is our special top ten:

  1. Debian Haskell Group (362 packages)
  2. Debian Perl Group (343 packages)
  3. Debian Java Maintainers (161 packages)
  4. Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers (124 packages)
  5. Debian Multimedia Maintainers (100 packages)
  6. Debian Fonts Task Force (96 packages)
  7. Debian Med Packaging Team (79 packages)
  8. Debian Install System Team (61 packages)
  9. Debian Javascript Maintainers (54 packages)
  10. Debian Python Modules Team (50 packages)

That’s bad… packaging teams cannot bake cookies!
Let’s do the same with Changed By, this time:

  1. Ben Hutchings (159 packages)
  2. Joachim Breitner (138 packages)
  3. Clint Adams (134 packages)
  4. Jonas Smedegaard (124 packages)
  5. TANIGUCHI Takaki (97 packages)
  6. Nicholas Bamber (61 packages)
  7. Alessio Treglia (60 packages)
  8. maximilian attems (54 packages)
  9. David Paleino (51 packages)
  10. Torsten Werner (45 packages)

Much better now… go and heat up your ovens, we know who you are 😉

Another nice aspect to look at is the speed of NEW processing. Some maintainers were very happy for a fast NEW processing, someone even complained for having been too quick! 🙂 So, let’s find out which upload was the quickest ever. Try to gamble a bit before reading the answer, to see whether you are near to the real value 😉

Alessio Treglia, you probably already know, because your gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1 upload has been processed in 41 seconds (yes, forty-one seconds!). Here’s an excerpt from ftp-master log to certify it:

20110516120252|process-upload|dak|Processing changes file|gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1_amd64.changes
20110516120258|process-upload|dak|Moving to new|gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1_amd64.changes
20110516120339|process-new|tolimar|NEW ACCEPT: gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1_amd64.changes

Alex was the super-fast FTP Team member behind the quickest accept, do you want to beat him? Join FTP Team 😉


Written by Luca Falavigna

23/10/2011 at 11:20

Posted in Planet Debian

4 Responses

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  1. Changed-by isn’t changed-by but signed-by, no?

    Philipp Kern

    24/10/2011 at 09:16

  2. Kudos to you and the FTP team! Keep up the good work.

    Raphaël Hertzog

    24/10/2011 at 13:22

  3. No, it’s Changed-by proper.

    Luca Falavigna

    24/10/2011 at 18:56

  4. Thanks a lot to the FTP team for the great work they have been doing!

    Antonio Terceiro

    25/10/2011 at 12:42

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