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Spam review: mass-tagging nominations

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If you are one of those brave souls chasing off spam from Debian mailing lists, you will probably get bored of clicking on the “Spam” radio buttons a lot of times, and will probably look for a quick shortcut. I submitted a patch in bug #640309, but as of today, it has not been applied yet.

Waiting for the patch to be applied, I prepared a little Greasemonkey script called Debian Mass Spam that allows to mark every message as “Unsure”, “Ham”, “Inappropriate”, or “Spam” by clicking the correspondent key on the keyboard:

Spam review

Just press Z (for “Unsure”), X (for “Ham”), C (for “Inappropriate”), or V (for “Spam”), and you will see every radio button to change its status. I tested it on Chromium, Iceweasel (with xul-ext-greasemonkey package) and Epiphany (with epiphany-extensions package), and it seems to work properly.

Too many words and no actions so far, go and kill some spam now! 😉


Written by Luca Falavigna

08/04/2012 at 14:39

Posted in Planet Debian