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Invitation, part II

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Wheezy is frozen!

Wheezy is frozen! Hooray!

This also means you’re probably too late in uploading NEW packages into the archive, so why don’t you fix some RC bugs instead, contextually helping FTP Team keeping the queue low? Thanks, and happy bug squashing! :)

Written by Luca Falavigna

30/06/2012 at 23:35

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Spam review: mass-tagging nominations

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If you are one of those brave souls chasing off spam from Debian mailing lists, you will probably get bored of clicking on the “Spam” radio buttons a lot of times, and will probably look for a quick shortcut. I submitted a patch in bug #640309, but as of today, it has not been applied yet.

Waiting for the patch to be applied, I prepared a little Greasemonkey script called Debian Mass Spam that allows to mark every message as “Unsure”, “Ham”, “Inappropriate”, or “Spam” by clicking the correspondent key on the keyboard:

Spam review

Just press Z (for “Unsure”), X (for “Ham”), C (for “Inappropriate”), or V (for “Spam”), and you will see every radio button to change its status. I tested it on Chromium, Iceweasel (with xul-ext-greasemonkey package) and Epiphany (with epiphany-extensions package), and it seems to work properly.

Too many words and no actions so far, go and kill some spam now! ;)

Written by Luca Falavigna

08/04/2012 at 14:39

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Stats, more stats and, guess what? Even more stats!

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We all love stats, don’t we? So, here we go!

Let’s start with a graph:

NEW graph

It shows the number of packages in the NEW queue since last year. You can see a big drop during April 2011, and a reasonably low rate during the last six months. You could think fellow Debian Developers stopped to upload NEW packages. Sorry, you’re wrong! :)

Since Squeeze release, 3.832 .changes files with NEW components were processed by dak, with an average of 14,85 NEW packages per day. On the FTP Team side, we had 3.732 accepts (14,47 per day), 339 rejects (1,31 per day) and 178 comments to maintainers (0,69 per day).

Who were the most prolific maintainers who got a NEW processing? Here is our special top ten:

  1. Debian Haskell Group (362 packages)
  2. Debian Perl Group (343 packages)
  3. Debian Java Maintainers (161 packages)
  4. Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers (124 packages)
  5. Debian Multimedia Maintainers (100 packages)
  6. Debian Fonts Task Force (96 packages)
  7. Debian Med Packaging Team (79 packages)
  8. Debian Install System Team (61 packages)
  9. Debian Javascript Maintainers (54 packages)
  10. Debian Python Modules Team (50 packages)

That’s bad… packaging teams cannot bake cookies!
Let’s do the same with Changed By, this time:

  1. Ben Hutchings (159 packages)
  2. Joachim Breitner (138 packages)
  3. Clint Adams (134 packages)
  4. Jonas Smedegaard (124 packages)
  5. TANIGUCHI Takaki (97 packages)
  6. Nicholas Bamber (61 packages)
  7. Alessio Treglia (60 packages)
  8. maximilian attems (54 packages)
  9. David Paleino (51 packages)
  10. Torsten Werner (45 packages)

Much better now… go and heat up your ovens, we know who you are ;)

Another nice aspect to look at is the speed of NEW processing. Some maintainers were very happy for a fast NEW processing, someone even complained for having been too quick! :) So, let’s find out which upload was the quickest ever. Try to gamble a bit before reading the answer, to see whether you are near to the real value ;)

Alessio Treglia, you probably already know, because your gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1 upload has been processed in 41 seconds (yes, forty-one seconds!). Here’s an excerpt from ftp-master log to certify it:

20110516120252|process-upload|dak|Processing changes file|gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1_amd64.changes
20110516120258|process-upload|dak|Moving to new|gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1_amd64.changes
20110516120339|process-new|tolimar|NEW ACCEPT: gwc_0.21.16~dfsg-1_amd64.changes

Alex was the super-fast FTP Team member behind the quickest accept, do you want to beat him? Join FTP Team ;)

Written by Luca Falavigna

23/10/2011 at 11:20

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Turning 28

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Getting older^W wiser, and definitely fatter than yesterday ;)

[ Photo of the cake is missing, have I already told you I became fatter? ]

Written by Luca Falavigna

12/08/2011 at 14:32

gdebi 0.8~exp1

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I just uploaded gdebi_0.8~exp1 into experimental.
This release adds Michael Vogt’s support for GTK3 (Thanks a lot, Michael!):


Testers are welcome, expecially if you are trying GNOME3 already. Feel free to report any bug you find!

Written by Luca Falavigna

08/06/2011 at 18:03

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Deb-o-Matic updates

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I recently invested some time to work on several cool features in Deb-o-Matic.
I plan to release 0.9 version soon, so I wanted something new for its users ;)

I merged some patches by Alessio Treglia, who implemented a couple of nice things:

  • Mailer support, to send build status notifications to the uploader
  • Blacklist support, to temporarily limit builds for a given distribution

Then, I worked on some changes I really wanted to have:

  • Rebuild support, to redo build of a package already in distribution archive
  • Improved lock system, to avoid random build hangs which affect older code
  • Fix pyinotify loop, which prevented Deb-o-Matic to quit in interactive mode

Now that the big part of the planned features is committed, I am going to test them to spot major issues, and add some minor improvements to have a shiny release :)

Last but not least, your help is appreciated to complete translations! There are really a few strings to process, and several languages are already half-completed, so if you can spend five minutes (or even less!), I will be grateful ;)

Written by Luca Falavigna

06/10/2010 at 11:43


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Jokes off now, time to take it seriously ;)

Written by Luca Falavigna

14/09/2010 at 23:04

Posted in Planet Debian


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